2018 Volunteer of the Year Award

2018 Volunteer of the Year Award


On July 9th we hosted our annual dinner to recognise the contribution of our volunteers, during which the Commissioner for the Environment Ms Ioanna Panagiotou presented Plamena Nikolova with the Volunteer of the Year (VOTY) Award.

Cans For Kids President Rosie Charalambous welcomed the Commissioner and briefly outlined the work of the organisation, praising Plamena and all the volunteers who help us by giving up some of their spare time.

Commissioner Panagiotou thanked Cans For Kids for their work, congratulated Plamena and pointed out that the work the organisation is doing helps not only the environment but also, through the funds it raises, children in need of medical services. She pledged to assist the charity in any way she can.

Achilleas Demetriades, son of the late Olga Demetriades, who served for many years as president of Cans For Kids, was also a guest at the dinner. He commended the charity for the work it is doing and encouraged them to continue.

The award was a cube containing compressed aluminium cans and a cheque, as a symbolic gesture of thanks to Plamena for her hard work.

Plamena has been a volunteer with Cans For Kids for the past four years and is a regular at the Saturday can sorting at the charity’s recycling centre. Not only that, she always gives a ride to other volunteers who don’t have their own transport.

Congratulations, Plamena – and thank you!