Litegait Donation to Paphos Hospital

Litegait Donation to Paphos Hospital

Patients of all ages benefit from €32,000 machine donated to Paphos Hospital

Patients young and old are benefitting from our latest major donation of medical equipment as can be seen in the heart-warming video on our media page.  A weight-bearing gait therapy device costing over €32,000 has been installed at the physiotherapy unit of Paphos General Hospital and patients who previously had to travel to Limassol for such therapy can now be treated closer to home.

One of the first to make use of the new machinery was 3-year-old Theo, who was injured in a car crash while still in his mother’s womb: his parents were told at the time that he would never sit, walk or talk. “The delight on his face as he practises his steps on the Litegait is a joy to behold” says Cans For Kids President Rosie Charalambous, “it’s moments like this that make everything we do at Cans For Kids worthwhile”.

Although the equipment we donate is usually targeted at paediatric wards, in this case all ages can make use of it, as has Kyria Yiannoula who is overcoming mobility issues caused by neurological problems.

Says Theo’s father Kieren, “without this equipment I really don’t know how we would have been able to help Theo to walk, we would have had to have three or four people supporting him, whereas the Litegait harness and treadmill means his weight is safely supported and he can concentrate on the task”.